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ARACO EPO ANCHOR FIX is a two component, solvent-free, high strength EPO ANCHOR FIX and patching compound. Formulated to give an easily applied paste and suitable for sealant gun application, ARACO EPO ANCHOR FIX is thixotropic in nature and is suitable for vertical and overhead bonding and structural repairs. It cures to give high mechanical properties typical of epoxy compound. It's resistant to oils, greases, petroleum, salts, many acids and alkalis and most commonly met corrosive media. Its impact resistance and mechanical strength are greater than that of concrete. ARACO EPO ANCHOR FIX adheres well to most building materials without need for a primer, as well as exhibiting very good abrasion and chemical resistance along with negligible shrinkage

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ARACO EPO GROUT is three component, solvent free and easily mixed on site to a pourable consistency. ARACO EPO GROUT is a free-flowing epoxy grout specially developed for heavy duty and structural support under both static and dynamic situations. ARACO EPO GROUT when mixed will produce a high flow, non-shrink, excellent adhesion, chemical resistant & masonry epoxy grout for concrete. Where greater thicknesses are required, pour in two sections leaving 6 hours between each pour or consider the use of ARACO EPO GROUT PLUS.

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ARACO INJECTION 10 is a two-component system based on low-viscosity epoxy resins. Ideal for sealing static cracks from widths greater than 100 microns to 6mm. It is suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty and crack injection applications in concrete.

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